Real Philips starters? Check first, buy next.

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Always verify the authenticity of your Philips starters. It’s extremely important.

  • Real Philips starters guarantee maximum quality and prolonged
    lamp life
  • Fake products are a high safety risk and can cause serious damage (short circuit, fire, electrocution…).
  • The fabrication and use of fake products is illegal and punishable by law.

This website helps you to check all features of genuine Philips starters. It will be regularly updated to follow the new developments in starter technology. So come back and stay informed!

Philips will also perform quality and authenticity checks in the stores in your area to certify optimal product reliability and deal with possible irregularities.


Do 'THE REAL PHILIPS CHECK' for your region

Not sure if your starter is authentic or not? Take a picture and send it to: GO 4 REAL

We will check it as soon as possible